(For Las Haciendas Estates Home Owners, Only)

Dear Neighbor ... We understand that your time is important and that you can be tired after a day of work or have many other things to do. However, unless you can find the time to attend meetings and work to help us solve our immediate water crisis, our water wells can and will be closed leaving you to provide your own water while your property values will certainly plummet.  This crisis is serious.

Further, It takes a considerable number of people, time, expense and effort to contact and manually provide the homeowners of Las Haciendas Estates with documents related to the business of Las Haciendas Estates.  All of which you need to make timely decisions about the community you live in .. and all of which are in short supply.

We must assume that everyone now has access to a computer and is familiar with eMail and going on-line to view web pages.

Therefore, in order to best facilitate sharing information about Las Haciendas Estates and our Water System, the homeowners now have access to a discussion list ( ) which can be used to send and receive eMail messages between the homeowners and our elected Officers. 

In addition, we also have a web page ( ) which is now used for distribution of our documents.  

You should know:

a) To be part of our information sharing activities, please give one of the officers your eMail address or send it directly to and request that you become a member of our discussion list.

b) Our eMail discussion list is private and only those home owners who are members of our discussion list will be able to send and view these messages. 

c) All messages will be seen by members on this list.  To send a message use the following eMail address:    < click

d) Because our web page will contain financial information, announcements, meeting notes, documents, reports et al, it is private and only accessible by using the following:

       Web (URL) or Location: 

                    user name:   member
                    password:    LHE14  <-- case sensitive

Do not give out this information. btw .. a list of current elected officers can be found on our web page

Please use these resources .. so that we can move forward !